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RFC6184 frag AVB Cloud NAL units are recreated RFC6184 defrag 1--1.264 NAL "stream" 1-1.264 Decoder AVTP H264 talker AVTP 1-1264 listener Fragmented NAL stream Fragmented How to set H264 and aac live frame timestamp ? I use live555 to do rtsp server from my h264/aac live stream. First, I know every frame about timestamp and frame len from two linux fifo. And I use ByteStreamFileSource.cpp and ADTSAudioFileSource.cpp to get the frame data. For h264/aac sync, I use testProgs/testOnDemandRTSPServer.cpp to do: 2.

H264 frame timestamp

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H264 header come off VC with 0 timestamps, which means they get a strange timestamp when processed with VC/kernel start times, particularly if used with the inline header option. Remember the last frame timestamp and use that if set, or otherwise use the kernel start time. 2013-09-09 · But when I use it to play the streaming raw H264 frames, sometimes it's perfect to play for several hours, but sometimes the render frames are broken or hanging in just several seconds. The SampleRequested events still occur, but the frame can't be displayed on media element correctly. I talked this over with the H264 encoder folks and this is because Main profile enables B frames, and when there are B frames the encoder makes timestamp adjustments to ensure that PTS (presentation time stamp) >= DTS (decode time stamp).

left: step 1 frame left. right: step 1 frame right.

Hur använder jag "avconv" på hallon pi för multicasting h264-fil eller

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